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I read an entertaining snippet in the newspaper the other day about some research that was conducted by the University of Westminster in the UK indicating that for women a bargain generated the same level of excitement in terms of brain activity as viewing erotic images! Now, being an ardent shopper, Im sure my brain lights up like a Christmas tree at the thought of a bargain. However the question arises as to whether we are really getting a bargain or whether we are wasting our hard-earned dollars on a sub-standard product that falls apart as soon as we acquire it or an incomplete or unsatisfactory service!

Sometimes the quality is not that critical and, for example, we might get a few wears out of a bargain fashion item before the seams split, by then the fashion has probably changed and hopefully the seam does not split at an inopportune moment! But sometimes it is critical! Perhaps you have heard of the person who delightedly accepted a free camel ride but had to pay $20 to get down off the camel!!

The same principles apply in the case of African travel. Granted there are different levels of comfort from the backpacker to the ultra-luxurious. Nevertheless you dont want to find yourself stranded in some isolated corner having to make your own way back to civilisation after all the isolation in the wilderness is one of the attractions of an African holiday.

So when evaluating deals you need to make sure you need to carefully consider what the deal includes and more importantly what it does not include and compare apples with apples. Destinations Africa specialise in, what in the olden days would have been referred to as, bespoke travel where a comprehensive itinerary is designed specifically for the particular individual. Everything possible is included: transfers from place to place, most if not all meals, accommodation, activities nothing is left to chance. Expertise & intimate knowledge of Africa comes for free as the cost of a Destinations Africa Travel itinerary is always below the rack rate (ie the rate you would have to pay if organising the booking yourself!)

So if it is a bargain you are looking for make sure that it is not one of the $20 to get down off the camel variety so consider:
Selecting something from the Destinations Africa Special Offers page
Taking advantage of favourable currency exchanges. The A$ has been very strong against the South African Rand for some time and although it does not get anything like as much media coverage as East Africa, a South African Safari can offer everything an African adventurer could want, including perhaps a self-drive component which will allow you to create your own South African Tour (minus the irritating fellow passengers who speak too loud, are always hogging the best seats or generally irritating everyone!)
Adding a few nights in Victoria Falls to your South African Holiday this will not break the bank and can add a fantastic dimension to your trip.

The last word

Now before I leave the subject of value for money, I MUST say something about an essential component of African Travel Travel Insurance. While the safety of clients is a Destinations Africa priority and thus we take all possible care to minimise risk of anything untoward happening to our clients, the reality is that accidents do happen and illness can befall us anywhere, so we need to be sure of getting appropriate treatment as soon as possible, thus it is very important that African holidaymakers arrange comprehensive Travel Insurance including medical evacuation! As I said before, one of the attractions of Africa is the remoteness of the wilderness areas, therefore the nearest hospital might be hundreds of kilometres away. In saying this I am speaking from bitter experience having broken my foot in Victoria Falls (that will teach me to talk too much and not look where Im going!) The X-ray machine in the medical centre was broken (as well as my foot) so instead of continuing our Safari in Zambia, we needed to return to Johannesburg to assess the damage. A couple of days later, armed with pain-killers and a moon boot we were able to continue our trip without the appropriate travel insurance, this experience would have been a great deal more painful!!

So, as with everything else, you need to make sure that the Travel Insurance you purchase or are provided with by your credit card company is appropriate to your needs and travel plans!

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Value For Money

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This article was published on 2010/09/29